International Cadets Tour the University of South Carolina's #1 ranked International Business School

By: Casey Robinson on Mar 10, 2014 | Categories: General, Academic, Clubs

International Students at CMA Tour the University of South Carolina

Written by Cadet Kriss Sahudrungsee Penjaraenwatana

The international students were fortunate enough to be invited to visit the University of South Carolina – Columbia. Our international student tutor Mr. Woodcock, who is currently attending the University, lined this trip up for all of the international students that will be graduating from CMA this year or next year. Mr. Kendall, one of our faculty members who works in the Admissions Office at CMA, drove all of us down to USC. He is a graduate of USC. We left CMA at 11:45am and we arrived in Columbia at 12:30. We were all excited about this opportunity, because it’s very important for us to have some ideas of how universities look from our perspective as we will be spending the next few years in this diverse, college environment.

Columbia is a relatively large town, full of people and shops. The first thing that was on the list was to find Mr. Woodcock at Pho Viet, a Vietnamese restaurant, in order for us to have lunch. It is located in a very popular place among the college students at USC- Five Points. It was a real treat for us, because most of us international students were familiar with the food, but for others, like Mr. Kendall, it was their first time. The Vietnamese food in the restaurant consisted of sections of noodles, soups and spring rolls. The spring rolls were filled with vegetables and rice noodles dipped in peanut sauce; it was definitely a signature dish. They have a wide variety of soups you can choose from to go with your rice noodles. Then you top it off with either roasted pork or beef. The lunch was great and very healthy at the same time! The satisfaction rate from us all was very satisfied!

After lunch, we drove into the USC’s Admissions parking lot and we marched into the Administration building, where we were greeted by the hosts who were to show us around the campus. After meeting several people, Mr. Cody was our tour guide for the day. I gathered from his introduction that he gave us about himself that he was an impressive senior of the university majoring in psychology and pre-med at USC. He was just the guy I needed for answering many of my questions! After all, I’m also interested in pursuing the same career!

We started off the tour by him showing us one of the most popular areas on the campus, the area called the Horseshoe, which the term came from the structure of the U-shape like a horseshoe. In the middle of the horseshoe there was a grand park where students were laying around relaxing in the sun, tossing Frisbees and footballs around. It also looked like some students were studying as they were reading books and on their laptops. On the edges of the horseshoe, there were educational buildings, such as the business department and student counsellors’ offices. But the most important of all, the President of the University’s house is located there, too. Coincidently, just by luck and chance, we met up with the lady of the house, the wife of the president. She just so happened to be on her way out. She greeted us briefly and wished us all good luck.

After that we carried on and marched to the main talent hall, The Longstreet Theatre. It was a grand hall for the Arts and Performance Department. It was truly grand, and it was the only Victorian historic building left in the town of Columbia. The columns and the sharp top roof definitely bring out the signature of the Roman’s designs. The Longstreet Theatre was truly grand.

We then marched through the campus until we reached the Science department area. There were two massive research labs for the students of Sciences and the main building for the records. It was a very impressive department judging by the size of those two research buildings. Other stops included the Thomas Cooper Library, dormitories, the Honor’s College, the Darla Moore School of Business which boosts their nationally acclaimed #1 International Business program. One of the last stops was kind of in the middle of campus, a place called the Russell House. The Russell House is where they have a lot of restaurants the students can choose from where you can get any type of food you want. This is where the students’ mailboxes are located and where all the school’s student organizations meet. It is a huge campus so we were not able to see everything… like all the athletic fields. I wish we could have seen the football stadium, baseball field, and their gym and weight room and fitness area. Mr. Cody said that walking at a good pace it would take about 30 minutes to walk from one side of the campus to the other.

It seemed a little crazy and shocking and overwhelming for me at first, but I feel like I would be able to adjust to the college life just fine. This trip has given me the perspective I needed to imagine how my life would be in the next few years ahead. We closed our tour by going back to the Admissions Building and meeting with several representatives who answered all our questions and gave us lots of handouts, brochures, and more information about USC. It was a great experience!