Important Letter from the Commandant

By: Casey Robinson on Apr 14, 2014 | Categories: General

Dear Parents,
As we wind down another successful year at Camden Military Academy, we will begin to focus on building our team for AY 2014/15. The first most important step in building our team is to identify those students who will be returning next year. Once we have identified our returning students, we must evaluate each of them and assign them to a position that will allow them to continue their growth as young men at Camden Military Academy. To help us with this process, we have started small group discussion sessions that focus the attention of our current students on re-enrollment and leadership.

The re-enrollment discussion sessions are facilitated by two types of cadets; one who will graduate in May and a second who will be returning the next year and will likely serve in a leadership position. The morning discussions will start with the graduating cadet talking about his experience at Camden Military Academy; what his concerns were as a cadet, what opportunities he had as a student and cadet and how being a cadet at Camden Military Academy has impacted his post-graduation plans. The returning cadet will speak next and address the issue of team building and the importance of retaining cadets interested in improving Camden Military Academy. Each cadet is then encouraged to address issues that are important to him, things they like about the academy, as well as things they would change. Our goal at the end of each session is to have our students thinking about the advantages of a CMA education, the importance of structure, discipline, academics and the mentors available to help them grow as students and young men.

. The leadership discussion group is facilitated by a graduate student from the University of South Carolina. This group is comprised of students selected for their demonstrated leadership. The group facilitator leads the group as they discuss, define, demonstrate, and deal with the topic of leadership and then as they relate their group discussion to the opportunity, responsibility and, of course, the privileges that come with being a leader at Camden Military Academy. Most importantly, they explore their concept of good and bad leadership, how being a leader can affect friendships, and the opportunities that CMA affords them, which public and private schools cannot. We believe these discussions will help develop your son into a capable, competent leader who will not only help our Academy become the best it can be, but will also help him achieve success now and in the future.

How can you help? It is important that we receive your son’s re-enrollment application as soon as possible. We are currently granting cadet re-enrollment furloughs and have begun the process of identifying cadets who will fill company and battalion duty positions. Please help us build our team for next year by taking a few minutes to contact our Admissions Office and ask for, complete, and return to us your son’s Re-Enrollment application.

Thank you, and we look forward to seeing you and your son here at Camden Military Academy for the 2014-2015 school year.


LTC Armstrong