Importance of Teamwork at CMA

By: Matthew Weaver on Feb 21, 2021 | Categories: General

Here at Camden Military Academy, there are multiple things that the cadets are involved in that help develop a team atmosphere. Starting off in the barracks, every cadet is put in a squad; each squad either cleans the bathroom, vacuums the hallway, or picks up trash outside. When it is all said and done, the squad succeeds as a collective group or fails as a collective group. This example holds every squad member accountable, and especially the squad leader. The squads are a vital part of the entire battalion that can be taken for granted under platoon and company level duties.

Another team environment you can get is by getting involved with sports. Camden Military Academy has multiple different interscholastic sports where you can embrace the true team spirit. Even though fall and winter sports were canceled this year, the coaches still held team practices for the student-athletes that wanted to improve their skills. I ran cross country and played basketball this year, and I can truly say that we rallied around each other to get better for future team experiences.

Cadet Kirschner