Importance of leadership at cma

By: Casey Robinson on Feb 17, 2022 | Categories:

I think that the leadership learned here at Camden Military Academy (CMA) is something that you will not find at many other places. Even as a new cadet, I have learned many things already from my leaders. One of the best things about leadership here is that a lot of the leaders are other students. The first thing you will be taught is how to live and conduct yourself here at CMA the right way by other students. Then your teachers will help you break bad academic habits and, for struggling students, set them on the right path for academic success.

Another thing stressed at CMA is not discounting yourself or cutting yourself off from future choices you want to make and opportunities like going to college or getting a certain job. Something else leaders teach us is how we should be outside of the classroom. We learn how to be our best possible self and how important it is to help others. You learn leadership from the older boys and your tactical officers. In sum, I have learned how to give people direction and help give them the confidence to reach their goals.

Written By, Cadet Danial, Boman