Importance of Integrity

By: Matthew Weaver on Mar 23, 2021 | Categories: General

Having integrity means that you not only believe in your deep morals, but you show those morals through everything you do. Integrity is recruited for high-end jobs because it means that you keep your word and that you're always honest. You never go against the things you believe in just because other people think it's right or wrong. Integrity demands the truth, no matter good or bad.

Integrity is the most important leadership trait through leaders in our world because it demands the truth and ultimately shows if you're lazy or not. It’s a simple choice between convenience and what's right. When you live your life with integrity, you don’t question yourself or your heart when faced with a decision. Your life becomes simple, and your actions are open to everyone. When operating on integrity, you gain the trust of everyone you work with because they see you as dependable and accountable. Inevitably, being open, honest, and authentic to yourself, you become a role model for everyone around you. Why? Because integrity is the hallmark of ethical leadership. It shows everyone you can be trusted and respected.

Cadet: Weaver.D