Ian Walter discusses the new Marketing Class

By: Casey Robinson on Sep 24, 2019 | Categories: General, Academic

Socialmedia marketing pic

In our Social Media Marketing class, Mr. Robinson has been teaching us all about how businesses have transformed themselves on the internet. With social media becoming such a large part of American (and most of the world) culture, it’s been very interesting to begin to understand so many of the things I see and observe online.

We looked through and picked out multiple pictures of our football and cross-country teams and then created captions and hashtags to be published on the school website, Instagram, and other platforms. Later, we went over the impressions, engagements, and other analytics of the posts to better understand what kinds of content is preferred as well as getting a grip on how to further a business by maintaining a steady rate of activity and quality content.

To understand what has become such an important part of everyday life in all age groups is very helpful. Knowing that the internet truly is nowhere near random has already changed my perspective of it in only 2 weeks. As we continue our class, I look forward to learning the intricate ways of creating good content from taking a good picture to the time of day you post it and learning more about the ways businesses advertise themselves to rise to the forefront of their industry.