How to Stay in Contact with My Camden Cadet

By: Casey Robinson on Jul 29, 2019 | Categories:

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There will be students at Camden that have smart phones and flip phones, while others will not have a phone at all. If your student has a smartphone, the answer is obvious if you choose to contact your cadet. However, if your student does not have a cell phone, they have a few different options to stay in touch with friends and family. Students may go to the library or and use the academy’s computers or use their own personal devices in the Carlisle House to reach out through Skype, Facetime, email or social media. Cadets will also write letters home. Can you believe it?!

Also, during a student’s first year, care packages are very important! This allows the student to know that you are thinking about him and makes his adjustment to life at CMA much easier. You can send food, drinks, checks, pizza cards or that “something special” that you know he will appreciate. Please just mail those packages to the school address with your student’s name and company clearly marked.

Each barrack has two TAC officers. These TACs will be your main point of contact to see how your student is doing behaviorally and academically. These TACs usually allow students to use their office phone to call home if a cell phone is not available to them.

A very important note is that all students will not have phones for the first two weeks of the school year. This allows them to focus on making friends, get involved with the many different activities across the campus and adjust to campus life. This also allows some of our students the opportunity to realize that there really is a life to live without a cellphone and that a whole new world has been waiting on them!