How CMA prepared me for college - By Patrick Honney

By: Casey Robinson on Nov 27, 2020 | Categories: General, Academic

How CMA Prepared Me For College

I spent my first year and a half at a public high school in Charleston,SC. My high school career had taken a dive into delinquency midway through my freshman year. Some might speak of getting in with a bad crowd during their high school years, but I on the other hand got into the worst of crowds. I had completely fallen behind on my grades, and going to class regularly was a thing of the past. My cumulative GPA for my first 3 semesters was around a 2.4. I was on the edge of academic dismissal, and a dramatic change was needed. The metaphorical “path” had come to a crossing, and I was left with two options: A- complete change in my lifestyle and attitude, or B-head to jail or worse. By evidence of this blog, I chose change.

I was enrolled at Camden Military Academy in January of my sophomore year, and began my fourth semester in February. This school truly was my saving grace, both academically and behaviorally. I owe my opportunity to attend a university to CMA. Without the structure and individual growth I have experienced here, I would most likely have failed out of high school, and most definitely not be attending college.

Thank you, Camden Military Academy!