Honoring the soldiers of Camden

By: Casey Robinson on Apr 20, 2023 | Categories:

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Camden Military Academy cadets were able to witness a special moment in history today as the procession of the 14 Revolutionary War soldiers made its way through the gates of CMA. In 2020, 13 American soldiers and 1 British soldier were exhumed at the Battle of Camden war site by a team of archaeologist. Since that time, the remains of these soldiers have been studied to learn more about who they were. Today marks the beginning of a three day honoring of these men with a procession that began in the South Carolina state capital of Columbia and made its way to Camden. During this time, cadets at CMA stood in formation with full dress uniform and met these soldiers with a final salute as they passed through campus. This Saturday, the soldiers will again be brought through Camden by horse drawn carriages accompanied by an honor guard to their final resting place at the Battle of Camden Site.