Hear a First Year Teacher's View of CMA

By: Casey Robinson on Oct 18, 2021 | Categories: General


While this is my first year at Camden Military Academy, along with my first year teaching as

well, I am enjoying it very much. Besides being able to teach what I love and that is history, I

have found I love waking up and heading to work. It's marvelous, but another thing that is

completely new to me is helping coach cross country. It was never a sport I played, nor paid that

much attention too, but over the course of the season so far I have learned many things from

Coach Heflin, along with the players as well. It has been amazing to work with these kids and

watch them get better everyday at practice, but it's super awesome to go out there and watch

them compete at meets! In our two meets so far, the kids have done very well! In our first one,

we finished in second place, along with one of our runners, Lon Callis, placed second! It was

super exciting to watch. Our last meet, which was at North Central, was even better for the team

as a whole. As a team, we placed first and won the meet! Which to me is super exciting, it was

just our second meet and we won. The kids are putting in the hard work and you can tell. I

cannot wait to see what the rest of the season has in store for us, but I know it’ll be awesome!

By: Captain Dwyer