Harboring Spiritual Growth

By: Casey Robinson on Jun 20, 2015 | Categories: General

Camden Military Academy's concept of educating the whole man includes harboring spiritual growth. Although we adhere to the Christian faith, we encourage cadets who hold different beliefs to attend their respective services. If a student is interested in attending a place of worship off campus they merely need to talk to me. I as the Chaplain at the school am responsible for the spiritual needs for all our cadets with various backgrounds and cultures. I will do my best to find a place of worship suitable to the students’ interests and parental consent and providing rides there to. I also help in various off campus needs such as confirmations and other events at local places of worship.

It is the heart of Camden Military Academy to care for and guide these young men into being future leaders who make an impact for a better future for the world. By having a solid spiritual foundation God can and will use these men do so. It is truly a blessing to be a part of these young men’s lives as I serve as their Chaplain.

Chaplain Walker