Camden Military Live Streaming Events

May 2022

Whether it's due to distractions of friends/social media, lack of study skills, or learning challenges, many young men may not succeed in a traditional school setting. Camden Military Academy has many supports built-in including day-to-day leadership and teachings that help cadets develop the structure, discipline, time management, and self-regulation to become successful young men!

Join our Q&A on May 3 at 7pm ET and learn how our faculty help cadets reach their full potential through small classes, individualized instruction, supervised, mandatory study hall, and more. Discover how Camden is a different educational option--and hear it directly from our students and faculty during this interactive Q&A session.

Have questions during the event? We will answer them live on air--just post them in the YouTube chat or on social media using #CamdenMilitary. Tune in and find out how we prepare young men in grades 7-12 for the future!

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