Good Friday Parade

By: Matthew Weaver on Apr 5, 2021 | Categories: General

“The parade we had on Good Friday was in my opinion the best parade we have had this year so far. We got out of class at 3:00, and went straight back to the barracks to get dressed in our uniforms. We were on a strict schedule, so we had to get dressed quickly. Then we formed up and drew our rifles, and were on line with the rest of the corps to step off for the parade at 3:30.

The parade itself was great, the individual companies as well as the band, color guard, battalion staff, and cannon detail looked really sharp. I was a guide for the first platoon of my company, so there was a lot of attention on me. I was really nervous but I did just fine. All in all it was a really great parade and one I was proud to be in.”

- Cadet Mark McGregor (Mount Pleasant, South Carolina)