Getting Involved By: Cadet Alexander Harbaugh

By: Casey Robinson on Mar 7, 2019 | Categories:


Here at Camden Military Academy we have a great variety of sports, activities, and clubs that your son could get involved in. CMA provides a good opportunity for everyone here to spend their time doing the things they enjoy. As a 3 year cadet here i can personally say that getting involved is one of the greatest ways here to make time here exponentially more enjoyable and make the time go by a little bit easier and quicker. They give you time you need everyday to perfect your sport during practice or to join a club with like-minded people who have similar interests. Getting involved is also a great way to make great friends that may possibly build to long lasting friendships outside of school. And if you get involved in anything it gives you a great chance to get off campus a bit on school sanctioned trips where you can have fun and enjoy your time. Trust me there is a club or sport for you. Just this year we’ve had a good number of clubs form created by cadets themselves with the help from a teacher. Not only is getting involved fun but it can also open up opportunities for you outside of school for maybe a college. So what's there to lose. You make great friends, have a good time, and enjoy your time at CMA.