Get to Know Our Staff LTC. Beckham

By: Casey Robinson on Nov 5, 2018 | Categories: General, Athletics

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Lieutenant Colonel Beckham was born in Camden, South Carolina in 1981. In high school, he was a 3 sport athlete with a dream of becoming a professional baseball player. After graduating from Camden High School in 2001, he started chasing his dream by attending the Citadel. There, he majored in sports management and played as the baseball team's pitcher all 4 years that he was in attendance.

However, his life took a turn in a completely new direction following his graduation from the Citadel in 2005. He came directly to CMA to be a coach. Here, he has taught physical science for 11 years, algebra 1 for 13 years and pre-algebra for 5 years. During that time, he has coached varsity football, junior high basketball and varsity/Junior varsity baseball. He is also the assistant athletic director, head of the math department, a junior faculty adviser, a technology team member and a block C club representative.

In his personal life Ltc. Beckham spends his free time playing golf, goes hunting and fishing. He loves spending time with his family, consisting of his wife and 2 children the most. In my time of knowing Ltc. Beckham, whether it was as my football wide receiver coach or simply someone who always greets you with a smile in the academic building, there's one thing for sure; he is a man who is passionate about everything that he does and cares for all those in his life. He told me that even though his dream was to play professional baseball and it did not work out, he does not regret coming to CMA after college. He has loved every day of it.