Get Smart Stay Smart Program

By: Casey Robinson on Dec 6, 2013 | Categories: General, Clubs

Get Smart Stay Smart

Camden Military Academy hosted a program sponsored by South Carolina Correctional Department. As the corps of cadets filed into the gym, five inmates sat in the center of the gym. The inmate’s goal was to inform the corps on the risks of doing illegal activities and how their lives changed in a minute and how easy our lives could be changed. The story that stood out to me the most was when the only female inmate at the program told her story. One minute she was texting and driving, and the next minute she rammed into a vehicle ahead of her and caused the car to crash and end the lives of three people. She is now in prison and she said the moment of her exiting her car and looking at the scene was a moment that is imprinted into her mind. Hopefully the accounts from the inmates promoted a change in the cadet’s minds and made them realize the consequences for their actions.