Get Smart, Stay Smart

By: Casey Robinson on Nov 22, 2013 | Categories: General, Clubs

The SCDC has a program that allows inmates to travel around the state and speak to schools. The point of the program is for the inmates to share their stories with students in hopes of making them realize the importance of making good decions. The inmates shared their stories, often very graphic, in order to help impact the lives of children around the state. Inmate stories included gang activity, dangers of texting and driving, family issues and many more. The inmates encouraged all students to "GET SMART, STAY SMART."

Below are some thoughts from some of our cadets...

I really learned a few things from the prisoners. I learned never to lose my focus on life. I learned to always do my best in life so I don’t end up in a bad place in life. I learned that it could always happen to me.

The program today showed me that no matter how little and non-relevant some things you do that are bad, it can catch up with you. It also showed me that sports aren’t everything and you need a plan B. I learned I can’t let my anger get the best of me in situations that could lead to problems and letting people down. Also that people you hangout with can drag you down. I learned that I need to surround myself with good influence. The biggest thing I learned was that all my decisions affect so many more people than just myself.

I liked it. I think it showed us the consequences we can get in life. I feel sorry for them in some ways but in other ways I don’t.

I thought that it was a good program. A lot of the things they talked about really made me think. That with one mistake it can change your whole life. Also that the people that you hangout with can make a difference in your life. So I should really think about who I surround myself with.

It showed me to always do the right thing and hang out with the right people. And follow good people. And to never do illegal drugs.

It is important to remember how easy it is to ruin your life. I also thought it is important to learn from other people’s mistakes.

I thought the program was really interesting. Some of the things they said actually got me thinking. When I look back I said some of the things they said. It’s a really good program they have and all prisoners should have to do it. They always should spread the word.

Today we had an assembly call “GET SMART STAY SMART”. During this assembly the convicted felons came and talked to us about their stories and there background. I thought it was really weird how some of them came from such nice families and still managed to end up in prison. I thought it was really sad.

I thought the program was good. It was sad that they had lost so much. Some of their mistakes they made seemed so easy to control. They seemed to regret what they did.

The GET SMART STAY SMART program is a program sponsored by the SCSD. It is a program that gives real live inmates the opportunity to travel around and tell people about these realities of life. Tells them how jail time could happen to everyone. I believe that this program will help reach a lot of youth who really have not been told by anyone else what they should or should not do. The inmates came in and shared their testimonies. It really touched most people. But is also helps the people they are speaking to realize that life is not this giant game you can restart all over again. All you get is your one quarter.

I thought the program was very eye opening and shed a new light upon some things. These people were able to see where thy messed up and realized how many people they hurt. I remember how 2 summers ago down the street from a friend of mine there were some kids driving fast and thrown from a car. The driver was arrested and it really put in prospective how things can change in a moment.

I thought the program today was very good. I think it was a good lesson from the people that have made the wrong life decisions. It shows you that the little things and small choices can lead to bigger problems. Today showed me that no matter where you come from, who you are, who your parents are, or who you know anyone can make a mistake. The you better be ready for the penalty because there is no way out of it. The smallest decisions can be life changing, and maybe even life ending.

I thought the program was good for me and everyone else. It opened my eyes and made me see how little things can do a lot of damage. The inmates’ explanation on what is was like in prison made me think about how good I have it right now in life. I learned a lot from this program and I will remember what they said when I am in a bad situation. I will think more about the consequences and the people it will affect around me.

I thought the program was insightful. It was good because some of these kids here really think that they want to be like them. They think that they know everything and are invincible. Wrong! This program showed me and hopefully others that it can be anyone.

I thought that the inmates that came today were very kind and caring enough to share their life stories with us. The inmates were probably helpful to most people. Helping us understand what happens when you make a bad decision and how they can affect your future. I thought they were great and I hope they come again.

I will absolutely never use a cell phone in my car! It is just not worth it in my eyes.

It made me think that one mess up or stupid choice can affect your whole life. The people that came and spoke were not bad people they just made a bad choice. Their stories really made me think. It can happen to anyone.

Today at CMA, I had the opportunity to hear prisoners talk about how they committed their crime and how one bad decision put them in jail.
At first, I had the notion that prisoners must look and sound scary as they all committed crimes, even murder. But it turns out, they all looked normal, just like any one of us. Some of them had good backgrounds, great families and education. But, one bad decision ruined everything and the context led to that can happen to all of us. All in all, the lesson I learned from the program is that how we react to things can affect us in life.