Furlough Appreciation

By: Casey Robinson on Nov 30, 2021 | Categories: General

I just experienced my very first furlough since being enrolled at Camden due to COVID protocols. I didn't know what to expect or how much I would appreciate being off-campus and with family again. It was great to see my family! I traveled to Ann Arbor, Michigan, to see my sisters. My oldest sister graduated from the University of Michigan last year and has a brand-new job. My other sister is still playing lacrosse for the Big Blue. We drove from my oldest sister's new house to Notre Dame to watch my sister play some fall ball. Being out and traveling to new places was great but spending time with my sisters was the best. Being on campus for eight weeks made me grateful to be out and experiencing life outside of Camden, but by the end of the furlough, I was glad to be back home at Camden.

- Luke Whitaker