Frequently Asked Questions of New Cadets

By: Casey Robinson on Aug 20, 2019 | Categories: General


Where do we do once we arrive on campus for registration?

You should report directly to the Risher Administration Building. Please bring any medications inside with you as well as originals of any faxed or emailed forms. It is important for the cadet to go through registration with the parent/guardian.

Should we get his haircut prior to registration?

No, our barber will be on campus soon after registration to give everyone their first haircut.

What happens at registration?

Upon entering the administration building and reporting to stop #1, you will receive a “sign off” sheet. There will be several stops numbered and listed on the “sign off sheet.” If your sign off sheet, has signatures by a stop(s), you may skip that stop(s)! If a numbered stop does not have a signature, you must stop and meet with that department. All stops are in the administration building (admissions, finance, nurses, administration) with the exception of the academic department and quartermaster store. You will receive an escort and directions to both academics (if needed) and the quartermaster store.

How long does the registration process take?

This depends largely on if parents have taken care of all paperwork prior to arrival. There will be lines at some point for everyone! Please be patient. However, generally parents can go through registration, help the cadet move in his room and depart campus in 3-5 hours for a first-year cadet. If you have completed ALL paperwork and payment before registration day, your time on campus will be shortened dramatically.

Does he need to sign up for sports before arriving?

No, we will announce sign-ups and try outs during orientation.

How can I check on him after the first few days?

Your first point of contact should always be the TAC officer. You will meet and receive the TAC officer’s information at registration.

When can my son call home for the first time?

Cadets are allowed to utilize their personal cell phone or school phone at the end of the first two weeks.

When is the first day of classes?

Cadets will attend classes on the Monday following registration weekend.

When will my cadet receive his uniforms?

As part of the registration process, all cadets are measured for their uniforms. It generally takes 2-3 weeks for everyone to get their uniforms altered and returned to them. Students will wear PT uniform or ACU’s until the classroom uniform is returned.

When can I see my cadet again after we drop him off?

Cadets have a furlough weekend at the end of the third week. You can visit your cadet on campus or take them home for the weekend.

What school supplies should I send?

Standard school supplies (notebooks, pens, pencils) should be sent. If your cadet is taking a higher-level math that requires a specific calculator, please contact academics at 803-432-6001 to find out details.

When will I see my cadet’s schedule? Can I make changes to the schedule?

You will receive your cadet’s schedule at registration. If you would like to make changes or speak to someone regarding his schedule, you may do so during registration.

Can we arrive outside of the scheduled time posted in the Parent Handbook?

First year cadets may arrive anytime on Saturday between the hours of 9:30am and 4pm. We ask that you arrive by the last letter in your last name; however, we are not strict on this due to parents’ travel schedules. Please note that most of our families have travelled far distances. Therefore, we cannot allow someone to skip ahead in line because someone needs to catch a flight or other mode transportation. Plan to arrive early and for any unexpected delays that may arise!

After drop-off is there a limit to how long I can stay on campus?

There is not a published limit; however, we will encourage to leave sooner rather than later. A drawn-out goodbye only makes things harder for the homesick cadet and the “boysick” parents.

Is there anyone that should not attend registration?

We strongly discourage bringing a girlfriend to registration. This only makes drop-off harder for the new cadets.

What should we wear to registration?

Everyone, including the cadet, should be dressed comfortably and for the weather. Keep in mind, August in South Carolina is generally very hot and humid!

Someone in my family has not seen the campus. Can we get a tour during registration?

We are offering 2 tours during registration on Saturday, August 24. The tours will meet in front of the Chapel at 11am and 2pm. Please plan your day accordingly if you or someone else in your party would like to see the campus.