freetime at camden military academy.

By: Casey Robinson on Feb 11, 2022 | Categories:

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The best part of every day is free time or sports for most cadets because most kids like going to the Carlisle house and going to work out at the gym or practicing for winter or spring sports. During my free time, I like working out or playing soccer with my friends and getting ready for the soccer season. Sometimes I'll do homework or just stay in my room and chill and catch up with my family or take a nap to gain some energy for the rest of the night. For every kid at CMA, it's different what they want to do for free time. Some cadets will do homework during free time or study for upcoming quizzes or tests. Some kids will go to the gym and play a quick pick-up basketball game. Some also have PAD (punishment and discipline) during free time, which is no one's favorite part of the day. While on PAD, you have to walk up and down our parade field from 4:00 to 5:30 on weekdays and weekends; it is from 1:00 to 6:00. My best piece of advice is to work hard during the day, avoid being on PAD and enjoy doing what you want during your free time.

Cadet Abrams

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