First Place Win for XC

By: Casey Robinson on Oct 12, 2021 | Categories:

Today’s (Tuesday, October 5) meet was absolutely insane- in a good way! Cross Country has always been an exercise in perseverance, discipline, and determination for me. Even though there were runners from other schools walking, I refused to walk- and I know all of my teammates felt the same. There were several times where other runners tried to pass me, and I mustered up everything I could to shut them down. At the last stretch, I gave absolutely everything I had. My teammates’ encouragement rang in my ears, and I flew down the track. The second I hit the finish line, I promptly passed out, which was enough to show me that I had, in fact, given everything!

Though I didn’t finish in a high placement, it doesn’t matter. I ran the hardest I could and gave everything I had. I’m so proud of both my teammates and myself. We really put in the work during practice, and we’re more than deserving of our first-place win. That, I can say with confidence.

By: Cadet Mark McGregor