First NHS Meeting of the Year!

By: Casey Robinson on Oct 6, 2023 | Categories: General, Academic, Clubs

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The National Honor Society met today for the first time this school year. This was an important meeting as members interested in running for leadership positions presented speeches on why they would lead their classmates. After a secret ballot vote, the new leaders for the 2023-2024 Camden Military Chapter of the National Honor Society are as follows:

President: C/CPT Jeremiah Palmer

Vice President: C/1SG John Rivers

Secretary: C/SFC Logan Moore

These leaders along with the Chapter Adviser, Maj Paramore, make up the Executive Committee of the CMA Chapter. The committee is responsible for setting agendas, planning service projects, and organizing the Spring Induction Ceremony. We are looking forward to a productive year!

- Maj. Nicholas Paramore