First impressions vs. Now - By William Pitt

By: Casey Robinson on Nov 25, 2020 | Categories: General


First Impression vs. Now

My first impression of CMA was that this is going to be a rigid school where I can't be myself and I am going to have to conform myself to what “they” want me to be. After being here for four years, I learned that my ideology of Camden from the start was a warped perception and the furthest thing from the truth.

Here we are able to make lifelong friends, play sports, have fun and be a kid all while having the structure and the backbone of the school's values that push you to become a young man on your own. One of my fondest aspects of Camden Military is that it is truly an amazing feeling knowing that you have men of all ages wanting to help YOU better yourself. The cadets, teachers and TAC officers are your cheerleaders when you do something great and they help realign yourself when you slip up or do something that you could have done better.

All in all, I am so happy that I decided to apply myself after enrolling in CMA. My warped initial perception of CMA was wrong. I have grown as a young kid to now being a young man in the 12th grade on my way to college