Fine Arts Blog

By: Casey Robinson on Jan 11, 2021 | Categories: General

The fine arts club consists of students from my Art Appreciation and Theatre Arts classes. The main objective of the fine arts club is to encourage the budding talent of students, provide opportunities for growth, and encourage cadets to express themselves freely. The educational objective of this club is to encourage imagination, foster abilities, and introduce an artistic environment. The Art Club gives students the opportunity to meet monthly in a more relaxed and informal setting to discuss and work on art. Students may work on projects that meet their own interest, or they may use the time as an extension of an enrolled art class. Recently we assisted in the production of the Halloween haunted house. Typically, we help design and set up all the props for the school’s plays and productions. After the Christmas break, we will start preparing for the school’s annual talent show.

CPT Marcus Peel-Cooke