Field Trip to Anne Frank Exhibit

By: Casey Robinson on Jan 21, 2014 | Categories: General, Academic

The CMA 8th graders took a field trip to Lugoff Elgin High school for an opportunity to experience an international traveling exhibit focused on Anne Frank, whose diary chronicled her family’s attempts to hide from Nazis during WWII. The exhibit started with a dramatic reading by a high school student followed by a presentation by one of the Social Studies teachers. Lugoff Elgin High School students acted as docents for the exhibit and answered the cadets’ questions. The exhibit included watching a 30- minute documentary on Anne Frank. This movie was extremely powerful as it chronicled the birth of Anne Frank, her childhood, the rise of Hitler and the Nazi power, Anne’s life in hiding, the Holocaust, and how Anne’s story lives on.

It was tragic to see Anne Frank and her family having to live in fear and go into hiding for years in the “Secret Annex”. We learned just how cruel the Jews were treated, the persecution and killing of so many Jews through the concentration camps, and how terrible the Holocaust was for the Jews.

The exhibit ended with the docents challenging the cadets to take a few minutes to think about what they had just learned and experienced. They asked them to take something away from this and use it for good to make a difference in the world we live in, specifically by not treating others cruelly just because they may look different, have different beliefs, practice a different religion, etc. The cadets sat at tables, were given a “Reflection paper”, and asked to answer these two questions:

  1. With the knowledge you have now, how do you relate to Anne Frank, or other victims of the Holocaust?
  2. How can you, as a citizen of our global society, prevent this from happening in the future?