Field Day & Cookout

By: Casey Robinson on Mar 25, 2020 | Categories:

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Last week, we participated in a few field day events. This was exciting for most of us as we finally got to spend some time together as a company in this great spring weather. We had a half day for our morning classes, and the majority of us were happy as this was a much deserved break from the academics, especially the cadets that just finished up with their midterms in dual enrollment classes.

My company, which is Band and Staff, marched to the kickball station first. Our first opponent was Bravo company, and I hate to say it, but it was an easy win for us. Next, we marched to the soccer station and we went against Charlie. Most of their players were already wearing cleats which gave them an advantage. Thus, we lost two to nothing.

We were all exhausted at this point as we marched back to the kickball station to go against Delta. Despite us being exhausted, we found ourselves with another big win. Now we were all ready to head back to the barracks and relax. Unfortunately, we had one more game. Our opponent was Alpha, and they were ready to play. We were all sitting on the grass planning the game strategically as we watched them march onto the field. I remember my company commander stating to be ready to catch out far, as Alpha had a lot of soccer players who could kick. The game started off bad as they scored multiple times. We were all ready for an imminent defeat, then one of us kicked a home run! We instantly got our morale up and finished the game eight to six. Our company returned knowing that we were undefeated kickball champions, along that, we gained pride and unity as a team.

  • B/S won the Kickball Challenge.
  • Charlie won the Soccer Challenge

Congrats to all of the companies for a great day out on the fields. On Thursday, we will be having a track meet between the different companies! Be on the lookout for some great pictures and videos!

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