FCA Rally

By: Casey Robinson on Mar 9, 2014 | Categories: General, Clubs

On Monday, March 3, about 40 cadets, our Dean of Students LTC John Heflin and our Chaplain Magnus Walker joined a couple hundred students from Kershaw County at Lugoff-Elgin High School for the 2014 Kershaw County Fellowship of Christian Athletes Rally. Our evening lasted from 5:30pm-8:45pm and started with a delicious off campus meal at Bojangles where we devoured their buffet. With stomachs full of chicken and fixings, we left for Lugoff-Elgin High School where we joined up with a couple of other middle and high schools and a few church youth groups.

The FCA Rally started with a band leading us in singing some music. We were then treated to hearing from a very special (and beautiful) guest, Miss Ali Rogers. Miss Rogers is 2012 Miss South Carolina and 2013 Miss America Runner-Up. She talked a little bit about her personal life and growing up. She talked about competing in sports and in beauty pageants and the wonderful opportunities she’s been given as Miss South Carolina and Miss America 1st Runner –Up…which include getting to speak to lots of middle and high school students. She spoke about her middle and high school years and how important it is to make good decisions. These decisions, good or bad, will develop into habits. These habits will develop your character. Your character determines where you will end up in life. She talked about being teased a little bit because she chose not to do a lot of things kids in high school were doing. However, she said looking back it was a little painful at the time, but so worth it. Her overall message was challenging teenagers to make good decisions, to not give in to the harmful temptations, and to trust God with their lives.

After Miss Rogers spoke, the main speaker, Adrian Despres, gave a very challenging (and at times humorous) message. Mr. Despres, was a stand out football player at Furman University. He is now the football chaplain for the University of South Carolina. Although his primary responsibility and focus is the University of South Carolina and their football team, he also speaks a lot to high school and college students all over the United States and the world. His message tonight was on Matthew 13:18-23 and the Parable of the Four Types of Soil. He carefully explained each “type of soil” and asked the students to examine their lives and see what kind of “soil” they have and which one they want to have. After his talk, any student that wanted one, was given a Bible. It was a great evening, and I believe each cadet benefited from listening to these two speakers and the message they shared.