Fall Sports Awards

By: Casey Robinson on Dec 13, 2021 | Categories:

The Fall Sports season wrapped up this week with Junior Varsity Football, Cross Country, and Varsity Football each having a catered lunch provided by Haile Street Grill. The lunches were a sign of appreciation from the athletic department for all the hard work and dedication thel athletes displayed during their seasons. At the lunches varsity players received their athletic letters, and junior varsity received their certificates of participation. Awards were also given to the following cadets:

Varsity Football MVP- Danny McGrory

Most Valuable Offense-Bryce Lee, Daniel Hammons

Spartan Award- Kiefer Moore, Hunter Keltner, Ashton Lawrence, Sammie Fullwood

Cross Country:MVP- Lon Callis, Robert Luebken

Gazelle Award-Luke Whitaker

Hustle Award-Oakley McCarty

One Heartbeat Award-Christian Snell

Coaches Award-Mark McGregor, Edijs Welsh

JV Football:Most Valuable Offense-Jeffrey Stith

Most Valuable Defense-Jackson Headley

Coaches Award-Jace Bodner

By Coach Rice