Experiencing Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day at CMA Last week

By: Casey Robinson on Jan 28, 2020 | Categories: General, Academic

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Last week we had the honor of having the Commanding Officer from Fort Jackson come speak to our faculty and cadets for Martin Luther King Jr. Day. When you walked into the chapel, everyone was very attentive and excited listening to General Beagle's message. Here is the impact he left on one of our cadets:

“Of my six years attending Camden Military Academy, I have never had a more heart to heart experience at a Martin Luther King Jr. ceremony than I did this past week. Our speaker, General Milford H. Beagle Jr. was not only inspiring to all of those in attendance, but he relayed a message that we can all utilize far into the future. My favorite quote by Katherine Paterson was revisited in his speech and it goes as so, 'A dream without a plan is just a wish.' This quote reminds me daily to attack every day and have a strategy of how to overcome the obstacles that stand in my way. Miss Tiffany Fields did an amazing job with the opening and closing remarks as well as introducing our guest singers. General Beagle passed a mirror around to everyone in the audience and told them to look at themselves for a moment and then said. 'The only person in life that will and can ever stop you is yourself.' When he said this, I observed nothing but awe amongst those in attendance. Along with this, a realization from the crowd emerged, a freshly enlightened view about the harsh reality of self degradation. However, I believe that because of this remembrance we are truly special and are all put on earth to do something amazing.”
- Cadet Aiden Haase

The question Gen. Beagle left us with was "Look into the mirror and ask yourself, 'Is the dream still alive?' Only you can answer that question."

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