Español at CMA!

By: Casey Robinson on Nov 20, 2021 | Categories: General, Academic

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CMA Spanish students are working hard to learn the basics of a second language which is required for admission to many colleges and useful for communicating with more clients in many businesses and for life in general in the USA where Spanish is the second most spoken language after English. This semester Spanish 1 students have learned the numbers 0-100, vocabulary, subject pronouns, Days of the Week, Months of the Year, the Spanish alphabet, how to describe people with the verbs ser, tener and several adjectives describing physical characteristics and personality traits, likes and dislikes with the verb gustar, telling time, cultural topics such as Day of the Race and Day of the Dead, La Navidad etc. This semester in Spanish 2 the students have been challenged by preparing for and taking assessments of reading comprehension, writing, listening and oral presentation on several topics such as describing cities and towns, their hometown, describing themselves and their friends and family members using many adjectives, tener idioms, ordinal numbers, saber and conocer, professions, an introduction to the preterite tense, places in the city, ser vs estar and cultural topics such as Day of the Dead.

Submitted by: Cpt Greg Holman