Duties of PL/XO By: Cadet Eckhardt

By: Casey Robinson on Aug 16, 2018 | Categories: General


The Duties of a Platoon Leader

My job as a platoon leader is to ensure that my platoon is ready for any inspection, that our standards excel those of our peers, and that we at the top of our academic game. The way that this is done is leading by example. Leadership through example is, from what I have learned here at CMA, the superior way to lead. It combines mutual respect with self-respect. If I want my platoon to have immaculate uniforms, my uniform must be flawless. If I want my platoon to succeed academically I must excel academically. This to me is not only a way to lead others it is a way for me to lead myself via motivation through dependability. In short, my job as a PL is to know my cadets, and as the first officer directly in their chain of command, guide them through whatever it is they may need help with, be that teaching an 8th grader to shave or helping a senior on his English paper.

The Duties of a Company Executive Officer

As the Executive Officer of Bravo company I have quite the plethora of duties such as making sure the dining facility prepares enough meals for the cadets in my company, making sure I know where my cadets are, maintaining company records, and assuming the duties of my company commander in his absence or assisting him in whatever way he or the tac officers deem to be relevant. In cooperation with the company commander and the First sergeant, I guide the platoon level chain of command through their duties, as I have traversed that road before, and make sure they know what needs to be done. Being the XO is more about delegating and managing whereas being a platoon leader consists more of dealing with individuals and helping them directly.