Duels in Dual Enrollment!

By: Casey Robinson on Oct 6, 2022 | Categories: General, Academic

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This week the dual-enrollment cadets learned about one of the key founding fathers in US History: Alexander Hamilton. We discussed the role of partisanship in American politics and the debates between the Federalists and the Democratic-Republicans over the importance of local and centralized government. Along with learning about the key principles of the US government, they also learned about the infamous duel between Hamilton and Aaron Burr. The cadets found it interesting to learn the process of a duel and the history behind why it was used among men in the early periods of US history.

Dueling in American history traces its connection as far back as Medieval Europe and the “honor code” of the nobles in the feudal system. Dueling was beyond simply killing your enemy, rather it was to regain one’s honor that had been attacked by another verbally or physically. The willingness to die for one’s own honor and reputation was a key aspect of dueling. In the history of the US, the “honor code” was strong among men and their reputation was their only way to make an impact on their environment; more important than any currency. At CMA, we encourage masculinity and virtuous characteristics that demonstrate a sense of honor among the cadets. Although dueling is no longer an acceptable way to handle disputes, the lessons learned from the importance of protecting one’s honor and character still echoes today.

- CPT Davis (Professor / Dual Enrollment Coordinator)