What is Dual Enrollment?

By: Casey Robinson on Nov 4, 2019 | Categories: General, Academic

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Did you know students can also enroll in college courses while attending Camden Military Academy (dual enrollment). A cadet can earn college credit as well as high school credit at the same time! The college classes are taken on our campus with professors from The University of South Carolina. Why not get a jump start on your college career?!

College classes at Camden Military Academy can definitely be a challenge. They require most students to go above and beyond their normal study periods and do extra work. Even though they require a lot more attention, they are very beneficial in the future to those who take them and earn college credit. This allows them to advance their future and be ahead of the game for when they start college officially. I find this commodity to be very helpful but also stressful. As beneficial as these courses are if you begin to slip they will not hesitate to kick you out of them. They are a challenge along with being a competition for myself and other students.

By: Cadet Maxwell Green

Since 2006, Camden Military Academy cadets have had the opportunity to earn credit in both high school and college while taking courses from the University of South Carolina in the Dual Enrollment Program.

The primary purpose of offering dual credit courses is to deliver high-quality experiences to high-performing high school students. Dual credit courses are suitable to challenge students who are mastering the high school curriculum and who require college-level course work that is more rigorous than high school curriculum. Dual credit courses enrich and extend the high school curriculum and provide introductory college coursework. The courses promote gradual transition to the college work load and give students a jump-start on college. Cadets must be 11th/12th grade students and must have at least a 3.0 GPA. A teacher’s recommendation prior to enrollment is also required. Dual credit courses carry an honors weight.

Some courses currently offered but not limited to include the following:
- Economics 224 – Introduction to Economics
- English 101 – English Composition
- English 102 – English Composition and Literature
- Government 201 – American National Government
- U.S. History 111 – Before 1865
- U.S. History 112 - 1865 to the Present
- Mathematics 111 – Basic College Mathematics
- Mathematics 122 – Calculus for Business Administration and Social Sciences
- Psychology 101 – Introduction to Psychology
- Sociology 101 – Introduction to Sociological Facts and Principles

*These are always getting updated depending on the availability of the professors and students who want to take these courses*