Dual Enrollment at CMA!

By: Casey Robinson on Sep 12, 2022 | Categories:

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Dual-enrollment is underway and the cadets are busy. For many of the cadets, this is their first time taking dual-enrollment courses and it can be challenging for them. Adapting to the course load and high expectations, can often lead them to feeling overwhelmed. However, these challenges soon appear minor as they adapt and learn to become “college” students. All of the dual-enrollment courses are challenging the students to adopt various skills that are necessary for being successful in college. These skills include note-taking, study habits, essay formatting, sourcing, research, and reading techniques.

In my personal courses, the cadets have had to adapt to the style of the course that requires online work similar to Blackboard (online platform for USC). Learning how to do basic mechanics on GoogleDocs and Google Classroom has been beneficial for all. The cadets are building towards their first essay prompt, which will require them to learn the writing process and semantics that will benefit them later. This year we have a great group of cadets that have already risen to the challenge and have adapted nicely to the workload. As many of the cadets are working on their courses, many others are being advised and beginning the college application process. They will be receiving assistance regarding the application process and transcript retrieval. This year is proving to be one of the best yet for dual-enrollment!

- Jesse Davis (Teacher/Dual Enrollment Coordinator)