Drill Competition on campus

By: Casey Robinson on Oct 20, 2013 | Categories: General, Athletics, Clubs


Last Saturday, on October 12 2013, Camden Military Academy held the first on campus drill competition of 2013. The JROTC units in the area, about a dozen, attended and competed in the event. The other JROTC drill teams started arriving with the rising sun. The teams started competing and being judged in the drill areas around 0830 and continued to compete through the morning, into the afternoon. All the teams were clean and precise in their movements. The awards were passed and the cadets congratulated one another and said their farewells.
The cadets talked between teams, giving advice, and showing off to one another. Many of the participants made new friends and others got to see long lost friends. By the end of the day it was unanimous, it was a good day. "I can't wait to come back. It was really fun," said multiple cadets from different schools as we all said our goodbyes. Of course, we wish that we had had performed better but there is always next time. Congratulations to all the schools and battalions that participated.