Drama Class produces a Bullying Play

By: Casey Robinson on Dec 13, 2013 | Categories: General, Academic, Clubs

Bullying is a problem many people overlook. A big factor of that is the simple fact of public awareness. On November 21, Col. Yarborough’s 6th period Drama class presented a play that showed examples of the three main types of byllying: cyber-bullying, physical bullying, and mental bullying.

I played the role of a victim of all three of these types of bullying. As a result of being beaten up and made fun of on Facebook, my character became mentally unstable. Our play helped show our corps of cadets and others in the audience how serious bullying can be. Cadet Bowen played my father and Cadet Aguiar played my mother. After my character became emotionally unstable, my “parents” decided to send me to Camden Military Academy. Cadet Spencer, who played my Captain at CMA, yelled an order at me. Because I thought I was being bullied by him, I showed a common misconception. Many people don’t seem to realize that being bullied and being yelled at are two separate things.

Col. Yarborough pushed us and pushed us as we prepared for the play, but the results were obvious. Because of her we were able to show at a maximum level the serious effects of bullying. I hope all who watched our production became aware of the serious issues of bullying.

The following cadets participated in the play: Aguiar, Benton, Bowen, Garcia, Hogan, Jones, McGuinness, Miller, Moses, Ramsbey, Russell, Spencer, and Stromme. We extend a special thanks to Mrs. Thaxton and her Art Appreciation classes for helping to make the play a success.