Drama Class Presents a Play on Bullying

By: Casey Robinson on Oct 12, 2020 | Categories: General

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On Wednesday October 7, Camden had an anti-bullying play presented by Mrs. Thaxton's theater arts class. They began working on the play a couple months in advance, not only to memorize their script and get their acting down, but to get the props ready. The play was held in our gym. The cadets sat in the bleachers and watched. Due to social distancing, the upperclassmen of 10th-12th grades went first and watched the play during 3rd period. The lower classmen, 7th-9th grades, went during their 6th period.

The script followed a high school setting and the different types of groups that tend to exist in most high schools. In the play, the jocks bullied the theater arts and smart kids but what you could see is that a cycle exists. The theater arts and smart kids would bully the kids smaller than them. It showed there was a continuous cycle of bullying and we have to break that cycle. The “teachers” were also told to look out for any bullying and to stop it. They had a few breaks in the play when they would go over the various types of bullying. The message was loud and clear about what we should be doing to stop bullying and it starts with the person that you see when you look in the mirror. The play was very well done and even funny at moments. I enjoyed watching it!

---Cadet Weaver