Don't wait to apply to CMA!

By: Casey Robinson on Jul 25, 2023 | Categories: General

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The commitment to attend a boarding school can be met with hesitation from parents and students alike. From the parent perspective, you are making a financial sacrifice to invest in your son's future but you are also making a decision that you are not fully sure is the right one. From the prospective students' standpoint, you are leaving home, leaving friends, and leaving the life you have known for some time. Parents and students have asked us many times before if they are alone in these concerns and our answer is always, no. You want what is best for your son and Camden Military Academy can provide that. Sending your son to CMA will be one of the hardest decisions you will make, but by far the most rewarding! Improving on academics, building character, and becoming a leader will largely overshadow any of the initial concerns you have. Waiting to apply because of these concerns or giving your son his 30th "last chance" will most always leave him falling back into the same bad habits. Most parents' only regret is that they did not start their son sooner. We always tell parents, the sooner the better because you can never start on a positive path too early!