Describing CMA's Uniforms

By: Casey Robinson on Dec 5, 2021 | Categories: General

At Camden Military Academy, we wear one of three uniforms depending on the weather and what is going on that day. Usually, we wear a class uniform which consists of a grey shirt, blue pants, and black leather shoes. We wear class uniforms when it's not raining outside, and it's a sunny day. The uniform that most cadets like the best are ACU or OCP. ACU stands for Army Combat Uniform, and OCP stands for Operational Camouflage Uniform. We wear ACUs and OCPS when it's raining outside. Most cadets like this uniform because it makes us all look like real soldiers. Most cadets consider these uniforms to be comfy too! The dress uniform is probably one of the hottest and worst uniforms in the opinion of the cadets. It consists of a class grey shirt, a black tie that must be tied in a double Windsor knot, white pants, corafam shoes, which are shiny black shoes, and our dress coat with white webbing.

You can tell regular cadets from the officers and leaders easily when we wear the dress uniform. Usually, the leaders have very busy uniforms with their achievements symbolized on their chests. Officers also wear a red sash. The dress uniform is very hot and uncomfortable at times. We wear our dress uniforms for special occasions like church and when we have our parades. The dress uniform makes all cadets look professional and sharp. Some parents love when their kid is in the dress uniform because the parents will always say, “look how grown up and mature you look!” I don’t know if that is a plus or not to some kids but I like it when I can make my parents proud of me.

By Cadet Colton Abrams