Debate Team to Capital By: Cadet Larsen

By: Casey Robinson on Mar 31, 2018 | Categories: Academic, Clubs

Camden Crest With Old English Edited 1

The Debate Team just recently went on an adventure this past week to Columbia S.C. On this
adventure we had the opportunity to eat at the glorious 5 star restaurant: IHOP. There we got to
eat some of the best panckes mom could make and spoke about the latest daily conspiracy
theories. After our meals, we headed to where the magic happens: The capital building. In there
we got a personal tour from one of the guides. We got to see the actual house and senate
chambers and walk along the floor in which I had never done before. After attending the gift
shop to add a brand new turtle figure to my collection, we headed towards the offices of the
senators. We got to meet Senator Vincent Sheheen and spoke with him about our recent
debate as a mock congress. He seemed very intellectual and told us about some of things going
on in the exclusive offices of senator.
The whole trip was very fun! Ms. Carlin was so nice to have brought us out and we are
very lucky to have had Chaplain Hunter as well as the driver, Mr. Albert. The
experience was very informative for cadets who werent too sure of the actual proceedings of a
Congress Chamber. The trip proved useful to teach some of the younger cadets like cadet
Palmer how a actual hearing may look. Hopefully the cadets next year can have the same fun
as I did at next years Debate Team visit to the Capital.