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By: Casey Robinson on Jan 22, 2019 | Categories:

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I am Nicolo Pucciarelli, and I have been on the Debate Team for two years. The Debate Team is a club that was recently founded by upperclassmen during the 2016-2017 school year at Camden Military. During my junior year, I began exploring different extracurricular activities to participate in. I wanted to be a more well-rounded person moving towards college and adulthood. I decided to join the Debate Team because it sounded interesting. Looking back now, I’m very glad that I made that decision.

As a member of the club, I attended meetings twice a week. I became close friends with many people on the team, and I learned a lot. I was introduced to the format of organized debates, and the way arguments are presented. I learned how to politely and professionally express my views and ideas in a non-offensive manner. Most of all, I became able to formulate developed points that can be supported by actual evidence. This is very important, in debates and life, as you do not want to stand by a false claim or idea.

My most memorable part as a member of the club was the first debate that I participated in. The topic was whether or not American soldiers should be pulled out of Syria. I was on the side supporting a pullout of the troops. I presented my argument in front of a large group of people, which has always made me nervous. Despite that, I became more comfortable as the time passed. At the end of the debate, everyone voted, and my side won! It was a great experience, because to me, it solidified my presence in the club, and it was a day I would never forget.

On the last debate of the year, the president and vice president went head-to-head on the topic of communism versus free enterprise. After the discussion was over, they announced their selections for the leadership of the club for the next year. I was picked to be the next vice president! I was grateful, and already looking forward to the next academic year. As I wrap up my senior year and graduate from Camden Military, I will miss being a part of the Debate Team. It has helped and taught me in a number of ways. However, I know that everyone leaves and some point, and a new generation of students will take their place. I can’t wait to select the leadership for next year’s Debate Team and watch the club continue to grow in year to come. I hope the future cadets at Camden Military Academy find the same pleasure and joy in debating that I did.