"Dear Covid" by cadet Taylor

By: Casey Robinson on Jan 27, 2022 | Categories:

Covid, you have made an impact on my life, that is not appreciated. Because of you, I have had to deal with taking two covid tests on the same day, and still having to wear a mask, to do something outside of my room, as small as going to use the bathroom at 4:00 a.m. This is starting to get very ridiculous, and it doesn't seem like our lives are going to be getting any better during these times of worry and enclosure, and what we are doing to ourselves by worrying so much is unhealthy, as well as very unnatural. When I sat down and thought about how much of my life, covid has taken away from me, I came to realize that it has taken me away from my family for my junior and senior years of high school. Now I do have to say that we have been a lot less worried about the virus because we realized how slim the odds of us having life-threatening effects from the virus are, and some ways are available for those who want to help prevent themselves from getting the virus, such as the face masks, and the vaccine. And asides from when I'm at my current school, Camden Military Academy, I hardly even remember that covid is still a thing.