By: Casey Robinson on Sep 22, 2021 | Categories:

I recently found out that an upcoming furlough was canceled, and I was pretty upset. I was hoping and looking forward to celebrating my 17th birthday with my family, but now I won't be able to. Honestly, I'm not a very sentimental person, so I really don't care where I spend my birthday but being at home sure would be nice. But of course, dang COVID-19 is still out there, ruining everything for us boarding school boys!

I'm glad that I am here at CMA, though. I’m super productive at Camden, and I am able to do more in one day here than my friends can manage in a week back at home. By 9 am each day, I had already cleaned my room, cleaned the barracks, ate breakfast, and marched with my platoon. The energy at Camden is different, and things are fast-paced, just not as fast as New York City, though.

To the family, I will you see at Thanksgiving!

--By Cadet Aranov