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Due to the recent uptick in COVID-19 numbers in the southeastern United States as well as other mitigating factors, CMA will not participate in interscholastic sports during the month of September. This includes football and cross-country.

These sports will continue to practice in hopes of playing interscholastic sports in the following months. A decision on whether CMA will participate in interscholastic sports in October and beyond will be made at the appropriate time due to the fluidity of the COVID situation.

Again, intramural sports and practices will continue in September; however there will not be any interscholastic games on or off campus.

This decision was a difficult one but made with the health and safety of our cadets as the priority.
Enrollment Forms and Tuition are due by Monday, July 20, 2020. If both forms and tuition are not received by July 20, your cadet will be removed from the roster. Once removed from the roster, a new application may be required and you may receive a new barrack/company assignment. We are also very close to having a waiting list so please do not lose your cadet's spot!! DUE TO COVID-19 PLANNING, THERE WILL NOT BE ANY EXCEPTIONS TO THIS POLICY.

Also, please note that trips 1-5 have been cancelled as well as the NFL and NBA games.
If you need any additional copies of the parent handbook and enrollment forms, school calendar, or if you need to choose a time to register, please visit the "Student/Parent Resources" of our website. Click on the blue button below.
Student and Parent Resources--CLICK HERE
If your cadet will NOT be returning to CMA, please notify us prior to July 20. Any request for transcripts to be sent to another school received after July 20 will not be sent until at least September 1 to allow CMA staff to begin our school year.
Please call ASAP if your cadet will not be returning!