COVID-19 Update (3-20-2020)

By: Casey Robinson on Mar 20, 2020 | Categories:


March 20, 2020

Any cadet participating in distance learning should have received assignments today by noon. Please have your cadet check their email and Google Classroom accounts immediately. If your cadet has any problem accessing Google Classroom or emailed assignments, please contact John Heflin at or 803-432-3207.

Your cadet received an email explaining the google classroom process. By noon on Friday, your student will need to log in to the google classroom. They will be sent an invitation from each of their classroom teachers. They should then email any concerns that they may have to their classroom teacher. Each cadet is expected to complete this classwork in a timely manner as if they were here on our campus.

Some Dual Enrollment classes will require video lectures and/or discussions. Late work will not be accepted for college courses-no exceptions. Please be aware of this and maintain awareness of the assignments and deadline for the college classes. Cadets should refer to their college syllabus that was given to you at the start of the spring semester. If they have any questions they should email their teachers.