COVID-19 Impact on CMA Weight Room

By: Casey Robinson on Dec 27, 2020 | Categories: General

After a long day, especially a stressful one, nothing is better than working out in the weight room. There's been slight changes to some gym rules due to Covid-19, but it is for the better and makes everyone safer. I along with the weight-room staff, take the time to clean/ disinfect the gym daily to ensure nobody gets sick from germs inside the weight room. One other rule change is only 12 cadets are permitted to be in the gym at once, to socially distance as well as possible. The Camden Military gym has made me fall in love with weightlifting over the past four years, and I have no plan of stopping anytime soon! I can’t wait for the spring semester to begin so we can start our lifting club run by coach Trapp and coach Davis. These slight changes still allow the gym to be a great place for friends to workout and stay physically fit while keeping our cadets healthy.

BC Ryan Seier