COVID-19 Update (3-11-2020)

By: Casey Robinson on Mar 11, 2020 | Categories: General


Camden Military Academy wants to ensure our parents and families that we are aware of the recent Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreaks and are taking steps to keep your cadet healthy as well as preparing for the upcoming spring break.

Col. Boland met with local and state officials yesterday including the State Director of the Department of Health and Environmental Control. This is a very fluid situation which we will diligently continue to monitor. The academy has also cancelled all off-campus activities with the exception of athletics. We were told that it was not necessary to cancel off campus activities but chose to do so out of an abundance of caution.

Spring break is quickly approaching, and we would like to address some possible travel related concerns. If you and your family will be travelling over the break, please exercise caution as to where you travel. Our international students will not be leaving the country and we ask that you not allow your cadet to travel internationally at this time. If you do travel internationally, we may require a self-isolation of the cadet of 14 days from the date of your return to the United States. Additionally, there is no way to predict where the next “hot spot” may be within the US. Hence, if you travel or live in a “hot spot,” we may require a self-isolation period as well. As of today, we do not anticipate having to self-isolate any domestic students but this is subject to change.

Our goal is simply to be prepared in the unlikely event that a cadet has to miss class after the break. If the need for e-learning exists, we are prepared. If a cadet is asked to self-isolate or is unable to return to campus after Spring Break, we are encouraging cadets to take their books home over the break. We would utilize Google classroom to communicate assignments preventing a loss of instruction time. We ask that you also remind your cadet to take his books home when leaving the campus for spring break. Again, this is only a pre-caution to prevent an academic disruption.

We continue to remind cadets to properly wash their hands, use hand sanitizer and to properly cover their coughs and sneezes. Your cadet’s health and safety are paramount to the academy and it may be necessary to update this information so please check social media often as well as the “red bar” located across the top of our website,