Community Service: It's what we do!

By: Casey Robinson on Nov 1, 2013 | Categories: General, Clubs

On Saturday October 19th, a few Camden Military Academy cadets traveled to Historic Camden Revolutionary War Site to volunteer for a 5/10k foot race benefitting the Kershaw County Board of Disabilities. We arrived at the site where registration was being held for the race at around 7:45 AM and waited anxiously as we where told our duties for the day. After a briefing of what our duties entailed, we where spread around the course to guide the brave runners on the correct direction to finish the race. I was towards the end of the 10k section of the race and the dedication of all of the runners was remarkable. No matter what age, race, sex and physical condition the contestants, the runners maintained a good pace and ultimately finished the race in fantastic time. Once the race was coming to an end, a woman who was struggling to finish the 10k section of the race jogged past a group of Camden Military cadets. After receiving permission from the race directors, the cadets began to run with the woman and attempted to motivate her to finish the race. After she finished the race, the entire group of runners celebrated her finish! She then told us that she hasn’t run a 10k in over 10 years….and that this was going to be her last one. She also said there was no way she could have finished the race if it wasn’t for the motivation coming from the Camden Military Academy cadets.