College Course at CMA

By: Casey Robinson on Jun 14, 2014 | Categories:

I am currently taking English 102 and have completed English 101 during the first semester. Taking these college credit classes in high school are very beneficial. By completing these classes in high school it gives me a head start in college and I will also start college with credits. Taking these classes at CMA helps me comprehend the subject more than most high schools, due to the small class sizes and the extra help the college professor is willing to put forth.

Jacob Harper, 12th Grade

Thanks to CMA’s Dual Enrollment I have completed four of the basic courses required freshman year with professors from USC Lancaster. The professors were always available via email as well as after class hours if I needed help grasping a new concept. The courses themselves were challenging, however the credits to gain from the classes along with the future benefits have made it more than worth it. When I first began the classes I was afraid they would be too difficult for me, but the combination of the USC-L and CMA instructors helped me understand most if not all of the material.
Applying to colleges while attending CMA, thanks to the faculty advisors, was both quick and easy. The advisors have a wide variety of backgrounds meaning there is most likely a teacher with the same if not similar degree to what you hope to obtain. The Dean of Students, John Heflin, plus a few other advisors, has an influence with many universities and every year helps give that extra push that gets several cadets into the school of their dreams. Its members of the faculty like John Heflin, who will go out of their way and “Burn some mid-night oil” for students whom aren’t on their list of cadets. John Heflin made miracles happen and helped me get accepted to the Citadel over a month after the finale deadline, just days before the finale Pre-knob visit. The dedication you will find in the advisors at CMA are surely unmatched anywhere else.

Cadet Captain Nicholas Sheffron
Class of 2014