CMA's Civil Air Patrol Squadron STEM Kit.

By: Casey Robinson on Apr 14, 2017 | Categories: General, Academic, Clubs

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This past weekend, CMA's Civil Air Patrol Squadron went to the Kershaw County Science Park to complete their STEM Kit. Our squadron's cadets have been working hard on this project for the past three months. By building and experimenting with model aircraft, the cadets dove into the science of aviation and engineering. The cadets built a Calypso, 4-channel remote controlled plane that was flown successfully by four different cadets!

We also had a ceremony for milestone awards in Civil Air Patrol. Our newest Senior Member, Jason Grogan, completed Level I training of the Senior Member Professional Development Program. We are excited he has joined our squadron and look forward to the skills and leadership he will bring to the squadron. Lt Col Glenn Melberg earned the Benjamin O. Davis Jr. Award by completing Level II of the Professional Development Program. We are excited for him and his advancement in the Civil Air Patrol. Cadet Airman First Class Nick Wilson was awarded the March Cadet of the Month Award. This was the inaugural month for awarding this award. Cadets earn points through participation, uniform inspections, making honor roll, and passing leadership and aerospace education tests. Congratulations C/A1C Wilson! Cadet Staff Sergeant William Larsen earned the Wright Brothers Award by completing Phase I of the CAP Cadet Program. This first phase, or, the Learning Phase, is vital to young cadets learning to follow before they are ready to become cadet leaders in the Civil Air Patrol. Cadet Larsen is the first cadet in our squadron to achieve this Award. Congratulations to C/SSgt Larsen!

The next two events in April will be on the 22nd and 29th. On the 22nd, we will be participating in the South Caroling Wing Search and Rescue Training Exercise. On the 29th, our cadets will receive orientation flights to Spartanburg, SC in CAP Cessna aircraft where they will then participate in CAP Glider Flights. We are looking forward to these exciting activities!

1Lt Nicholas Paramore
MER-SC-805, Commanding